My Short Stories

The Book Box:

Published in 2010 by Gypsy Shadow Publishing.

A supernatural historical piece set in the icy waters of the Atlantic during the sinking of the Titanic. A young mother clings to her child as she watches the boat sink, and is haunted not by her husband but by the nanny brought on board as her salvation . . .  listen to the podcast for free

The World At His Back:

I learned more about revision while crafting this story than I ever could from any class. Published on Prick of the Spindle in March, 2010. The saddest irony of my young writing career is that I wrote this  story with my mother in mind the whole time; but she never got to read it –  passed away a week before publication.

In this story, Ellie evolves from a naive, illiterate young woman in love with a married man to a mature, middle-aged woman who turns the table on the traps that her youthful choices have set for her . . . Click here to read this story.

Old Quarters:

Published in 2012 in Bewildering Stories.

Dedicated to Anita, my beloved grandmother, and Lillian, the grandmother I never knew. In this futuristic slipstream story, Ginnie’s life parades before her, and she mostly likes what she sees until . . . Click here to read this story.

Shendark Leaves the Zone:

Published in 2010 on Bewildering Stories.

My first published story, and the one that led to my current position as a prose editor for Bewildering Stories. For a journalist like Shendark, writing about a war zone is simply a state of mind. Careful, or he might put you in his novel . . .Click here to read this story.


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